Durante la temporada 2019 contamos con el apoyo de:

Emilia Colombo

Marketing / ETHEN

We are happy to welcome the COMMENCAL ETHEN BOX in our family for the 2019. This team will line up in the Spanish National Cup with top riders. This team is best representing the pride and passion of Made in Italy and we are proud to support them. We are confident that this technical-sporting collaboration will allow us to acquire further information for the development of new products for all the sectors in which we are engaged, as well as for bike enthusiasts and lovers

Mark Robinson

European Manager / PRAXIS

PRAXIS are really stoked to announce our link up with the newly formed COMMENCAL ETHEN BOX team for 2019. Their roster of local heroes will be riding our cranks and bottom brackets in the Spanish National Cup, along with some urban DH, ENDURO races and WORLD CUPS. We know the region is a hotbed of mountain bike racing and we are excited to support the team in spreading the Praxis word in Spain and beyond

Xavi Navarro


From AMS we are really excited to be part of the new COMMENCAL ETHEN BOX team during 2019. We always love to support young talents to make their mark on the scene and to help them to grow and learn as a riders. It's a pleasure for us to support them with our full range of products to keep their nice bikes well protected and in AMS Style in all this season's races. Proud to be on board!

Toby Henderson


”Box Components is proud to announce our newest team and partner for 2019: Team Commencal Ethen Box. This group of local champions will be shifting along with our Box One 11 Speed and Box One 7 Speed DH Drivetrain while competing in the Spanish National Cup, Urban DH, Enduro Races, and the World Cup."